Thoughtful recipes, cooked with love

From Switzerland, for Switzerland

Everything fresh

Your dishes are cooked only with fresh ingredients. Our food does not contain any preservatives, colorings or flavor enhancers.

Carefully created menu with Swiss products

We attach great importance to Swiss products. In this way, we support our domestic market and ensure supply chains that are as short as possible.

No compromise on quality

We focus on the highest quality when preparing your dishes. This means that each of your meals becomes a culinary delight.

Carefully planned to achieve your goals

Adapted to your everyday life

Designed for three clear goals

Optimized with nutritionists

Constantly new dishes, cooked by professionals

New dishes every two weeks

Monitored by professionals

Culinary highlights from all over the world

Frequently asked questions Hero Image
How does the subscription work?

Delivery takes place weekly on the delivery day of your choice (Tuesday or Wednesday). You can re-arrange your meals and additional products weekly. You can also pause or cancel your subscription weekly and change your weekly delivery day. All adjustments to your weekly delivery can be made up until Friday at 7 p.m. the previous week.

How are the dishes delivered?

You can choose Tuesday or Wednesday as the delivery day for your delivery. Our dishes are delivered throughout Switzerland on the delivery day you choose. Our dishes are delivered chilled (not frozen). To ensure reliable delivery, we charge a delivery fee of 5 CHF.

Do I have to be at home for delivery?

No, you do not have to be at home during delivery. If you are not there at the time of delivery, the package will be left at your front door. Thanks to our cooling solution, the package can be left at your front door for up to 12 hours without the dishes losing their ideal temperature.

How long do the dishes last?

Our meals are prepared without any preservatives and are not frozen. The shelf life of the meals when stored in the refrigerator can be guaranteed for 7 days from the date of receipt. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend consuming the meals within 5 days of the date of receipt. If you are unable to consume your meals within the given time frame, you can extend the shelf life by storing the meals in the freezer.

How do I reheat my dishes?

Our meals are delivered ready to eat. You can heat the meals in the microwave, oven or frying pan. Since our sustainable cardboard packaging is not suitable for the oven, the meals should only be heated in the oven using ovenproof dishes. You will find instructions for heating on the packaging of our meals.

How does the payment work?

We accept credit cards and PayPal. Payment is made directly when ordering. With our subscription option, payment for weekly deliveries takes place every Friday. You can pause or cancel your subscription and the associated payment every week.

How can I pause or cancel my subscription?

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time via our website. Pausing or cancelling your subscription will be reflected in the following week's delivery by Friday at 7pm.